Biyernes, Setyembre 9, 2011

Apology poem for my Friend Xôi Xùng Xục (celine)

Poem For  My friend Celine

I'm so sorry for making you upset today,
Maybe it was my fault to make my eyes play.
But before everything fades away,
i made a poem, an apology using this way.

My bad that i made your day bad,
just like putting your day on storms and flood.
I know that i made you sad,
but then i hope i can apologize and lowers the tide,..

I'm not sure where should i begin,
For an apology For my friend celine,.
I know there's a bad feeling from within,
So please let me catch up and replace that feeling. :)

Peace Celine :) Peace peace peace :)
(one piece)

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