Huwebes, Setyembre 8, 2011

Top 8 Memes

 My Top 8 Favorite Memes :

8. Angry School boy

I can relate to all this Freaking kid says,.. 
when i was a kid i were use to play a LOT of MMORPG, then comes my mom calling me for something,.
she told me to pause it,.
MOM, it's not Mario! you can't freaking pause it

7. Courage wolf

Courage wolf Is the best motivator of life,..
He always told us how to WIN,..
Just like
"going on a bear cage? , Go out with a new coat"

6. Xzibit (Yo Dawg)

Xzibit is the most generous of all memes,..
He always do what you like the most,..
specially "putting a car into your car so you can drive while you drive"

5. X all the things

 X all things was literally x all the y
i don't intend to be so mathy, but i know you'll understand that xD..
He's been doin' a lot of things.. really,..

4. Forever alone

all people knows forever alone, cause' you know,.. yourself knows yourself better..
 xD no seriously,..  Forever alone made a LOT! of appearance now,.. not only at memes but a lot of videos and photos .. Isn't it ironic? everybody knows Forever alone,..

3. Good Guy Greg

This meme had a huge impact to me,.. Cause honestly,.. allmost all captions in his meme is referring to me,.. Good Guy Greg and me is almost the same,.. Being a Good Guy is also Cool xD

2. Philosoraptor

Philosoraptor is the most intelligent meme, Asking all the thoughts that cannot be answered in hilarious way,.. no one can beat his intelligence, even Einstein,, try reading Other Philosoraptor meme and learn the concept of life lol xD

1.Y U NO guy

Y U NO guy is the king of all meme for me,.. and the funniest, This guy always say everything in an outrage way,.. nothing to say just read other Y U NO guy meme by yourself,.. xD

i hoped you liked my top 8,
BTW, Who's your favorite meme??

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