Biyernes, Setyembre 9, 2011

Top 5 most visited Website

My top 5 most Visited Websites
(My top 5 on my browser)


Since i like ONE PIECE a lot!! i used to visit this site almost everyday, waiting for any updates for One Piece and other manga,. This website spend me almost 30 mins. a day,..


I really love koreans,.. in fact my day is not complete without seeing one,.. that's why i visit this site,.. special when girl's generation has an update, Who don't like SNSD!? right!? It spend me almost 1 - 2 hours a day surfing and watching their new vids everyday,.. 

3. Facebook

Nah it's not my number one site,.. cause i used to just log in and check if theirs any notification and stuffs,.. maybe it took the 3rd place cause i'm always leaving it's tab open,.. ¬_¬.. 


SMOSH ROCKZSZSZSZSZSZSSSSS!!,.. This website is the best for me,.. all content was so hilarious,.. i mean, not all, almost! ... This site freaking complete my everyday,.. it spend me almost 4 hours surfing funny stuffs,.. 

1. Youtube
Youtube is what internet all about for me,.. Theres a lot of good stuffs in there,.. But what makes me spend my day on this website?.. It is because of those freaking youtubers,.. RWJ, Shane Dawson, SMOSH, Nigahiga, FreddieW, EpicMealTime, Vsauce, MysteryGuitarman,. and a LOT,.. 

How about you!? what's your Favorite site?

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